Turns ban trial at Longfield Avenue successful in improving road safety

The measures, which have been trialed over the past year and prohibit turning left out of, or right into Longfield Avenue at the junction with New Broadway, have now been adopted permanently by Ealing Council. The decision followed the recommendations of an independent review which concluded road safety and traffic flow in the area had both been improved.

Accidents had previously occurred at the junction and the introduction of the trial saw a marked improvement in road safety, with no accidents occurring over the trial period.

The turns ban has also helped introduce a better balance between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, with an 8% increase in the number of pedestrians using the junction since it was introduced.

Congestion in Longfield Avenue has been significantly cut, with a 64% reduction of traffic to steady levels throughout the day. The balance of traffic in the local area has improved, with the measures discouraging rat-running through local residential streets and traffic flow now directed to more suitable roads nearby.

This section of Uxbridge Road forms an important part of several bus service routes serving Ealing and surrounding areas. The report noted improved bus journey times and reliability along Uxbridge Road in both east and west directions.

The council has worked to help drivers avoid getting tickets wherever possible and the number of fines last month is down by almost half compared to the monthly average handed out  last winter. There are currently 21 road signs in place to make road users aware of the traffic measures and the council is looking to additional signage to further alert drivers of the turning bans. Changes to waiting restrictions have been made in St Leonards Road to help improve the capacity of this junction.

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport leisure and environment said: “We began this trial as part of our ongoing commitment to improve road safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

“We’ve acted on recommendations from the independent review to make this decision and the facts clearly show that the banned turns on Longfield Road have improved road safety and eased congestion on the junction. Congestion around Longfield Avenue has been eliminated and the junction is now safer and used by pedestrians more frequently.

“We have worked to educate drivers about the trial and ensured that extensive signage has been displayed around the junction. As a result we have seen a reduction in the average number of fines being issued.”
The number of fines issued by the council in September is down by 46% compared to the monthly average number handed out  last winter following the introduction of 24 hour CCTV enforcement at the junction.