Look out for polling cards

Polling cards will either contain information on where to go to vote, or whether arrangements are in place for a postal vote.

The UK parliamentary general election will take place on Thursday, 8 June. British, Commonwealth and Irish citizens aged 18 or over are eligible to vote. EU citizens resident in the UK are not eligible to vote in general elections and will not receive a polling card.

Those registered to vote at the EU Referendum in June 2016, and who still live at the same address, will be automatically registered and do not need to apply again. Those that have changed address since then, or who are registering for the first time, should go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote where they will be asked for their name, address, date of birth and national insurance number. People without access to the internet can request a paper form from the elections team.

Those eligible to vote that don’t receive their polling cards by Monday, 15 May should check they are registered by contacting the Ealing Council elections team on 020 8825 7777. The deadline for registration is Monday, 22 May. Residents also have until Tuesday, 23 May to apply to vote by post or to change an existing postal vote.

Paul Najsarek, chief executive of Ealing Council and acting returning officer, said: “Eligible voters in Ealing should look out for their polling cards this week. When they arrive, they should make a note of their polling station and then keep them in a safe place until the 8 June.

“People can vote without their polling card, but it makes it quicker and easier for polling station staff on the day if they bring it with them. People that are registered to vote whose polling card doesn’t arrive, should check if they are registered by contacting our team on 020 8825 7777 before 22 May.”

Residents can find their nearest polling station by using our polling station finder.