Primary school encourages a mile of exercise each day

By running or walking around the circuit three times, pupils and staff at Stanhope Primary School on Mansell Road clock up one mile. This will contribute to the recommended activity levels of at least 60 minutes of activity every day for 5-18 year olds by the chief medical officer.

Ealing Council’s Highway Contractors, Murrill Construction who are more used to painting lines on the borough’s roads, donated their time and materials to create the track.

Cabinet member for children and young people, Councillor Binda Rai visited the school to officially launch the track with Jamie Whetton from Murrill and join the children as they got their daily exercise.

Councillor Rai, who joined children running around the track, said: “They were so enthusiastic and were really enjoying themselves. It’s such a simple yet effective way to encourage children to be active. By the end of the school week a child could have run or walked five miles in the playground.  Exercise has a positive impact on their health and happiness. It also helps them to concentrate in the classroom.

“Thanks to Murrill Construction for its support with this project. It really is making a difference to the children.”

Headteacher of Stanhope Pirmary School, Sahreen Siddiqui said: “Staff and pupils are extremely enthusiastic about taking part in ‘The Daily Mile’ and we have already started to see improvements in children’s fitness levels.”