Shackleton Road, Southall


There is an acute affordable housing crisis in Ealing borough, with a shortage of homes that are available at rents that local people on moderate incomes can afford. With around 12,000 households waiting for a council home, delivering more genuinely affordable homes for Ealing to be let by the council or housing associations, is a key priority for the council. Find out how the council is tackling the housing situation.

The site

This site, in the Dormers Wells district of Southall, was formerly the Milap Day Centre.

Our contractor, Henry Construction, is building 10 new homes in a low-rise block at the site, all of which will be let at London affordable rent, which is a type of social rent. The further breakdown is as follows:  

  • Three one-bed flats
  • Seven two-bed flats.

New landscaping will be added along the Shackleton Road streetscape. This is designed as a car free development. 

We expect construction to be completed by late summer 2023. 

Who to contact

You can contact Anita Collopy, Henry Construction’s community engagement officer, during normal weekday working hours on 07714 571317 or

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