How to get a test if you are not displaying symptoms

If you do not have symptoms and you regularly leave your home for permitted reasons, we recommend that you get a different test booked through the council twice a week to make sure that you are not spreading the virus. 

Testing has been increased in the borough, with anyone over the age of 16 being encouraged to get a test twice a week.

You can do a rapid test at home or at a rapid test site. Having a test on site, first, will help show how the test is done to improve the test accuracy when you start doing tests at home.

One in three people with COVID-19 do not display any symptoms. This shows the importance of testing to make sure you are not carrying the virus that could be passed on to other people. 

You can book a test at one of the sites listed below, or, if you are already out, walk up and get a test there and then or collect one to do at home. 

These test sites are open seven days a week from 9am to 4.20pm. Perceval House site has extended hours on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 9am to 7.20pm. You can book a test online but walk-ups are welcome too.

Residents are also able to pick up a rapid test to take at home from the following centres, from 2.30 - 8pm every day:

A number of local pharmacies have also started to offer tests that you can take at home. To find out your nearest pharmacy or testing centre, go to the Test and Trace website.

We recommend this test for anyone who regularly leaves their home for permitted reasons, including those who cannot work at home, such as cleaners, key workers, carers, taxi drivers, supermarket workers, teachers, delivery drivers.

If you test positive, you will be recommended to attend a symptomatic test site for a confirmation test or to arrange for a home test. You, and those you live with, should self-isolate immediately. You will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace to identify anyone you have come into close contact with.

If your test is negative you can come out of self-isolation but continue to observe lockdown guidance.