References in the LTN leaflets

Here are the references to the five key facts featured in the low traffic neighbourhood leaflets.

More than 30% of car journeys in Ealing are under 2 kilometres

Travel in London – Report 9 London, London Travel Demand Survey data 2013/14 to 2015/16, Transport for London.

Travel in London - Report 9 and data 

84% of primary school and 57% of secondary school children live less than 1 mile from their school. That’s 20 minutes or less of walking

Annual school census for London borough of Ealing – geographical analysis of Ealing’s school population, produced by Ealing schools’ research and data team for individual schools. Currently held as an internal document as it can identify school population at class level.

15% of non-local traffic disappeared from LTNs in Waltham Forest when they were introduced in the borough

A guide to low traffic neighbourhoods, London Cycling Campaign and Living Streets (PDF)

1 in 5 adults in Ealing are physically inactive, doing less than 30 minutes’ exercise a week 

Public Health Outcomes Framework, C. Health improvement, Public Health England

387 early deaths in Ealing are caused by poor air quality

Ealing Air Quality Action Plan 2017-22 (Draft)