Review and monitoring of low traffic neighbourhoods

How will the council assess installed low traffic neighbourhoods?

All LTNs were installed using an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO). Each trial scheme was introduced on the basis that it will be monitored and consulted on over a minimum period before a final decision on whether to keep or remove the LTN is made. 

Each LTN installed in 2020 has had an interim assessment produced looking at feedback from residents, businesses, the emergency services, ward councillors, and traffic data on LTN boundary roads. The results of the interim assessment for the LTN schemes installed in 2020 was announced in December 2020. The purpose of the interim assessment process was to check there are no significant issues that may require more urgent action. View the published interim assessment report (Item 14)

As the council's interim assessment led to significant changes being implemented to the LTNs installed in 2020, the law requires that a new or revised ETO be made, meaning that the six-month consultation period started again. 

At the end of the six-month period for each LTN, a final assessment will be produced. Officers will present data and views on each LTN gathered over the whole period of the trial, before delivering a report to cabinet for consideration on whether each scheme should be made permanent.

How will Ealing decide whether to make the low traffic neighbourhoods permanent?

Final non-statuory consultation - have your say

LTN trials come to an end in August 2021 when the council needs to make a decision about whether to make the LTNs permanent. From 1 July to 23 July 2021, the council will be inviting local people and businesses from the areas of the eight installed LTNs to have their say through a final non- statutory consultation on whether to make the schemes permanent, and whether to reintroduce the LTN of Dean’s Road and Montague Avenue (W7) permanently.

Whether you have strong views on the LTN, have changed your opinion over time, or are finding out about them for the first time – we want to give you control over changes in your neighbourhood.

You can access each of the consultations by clicking on the respective LTN pages:

It is important to have your say via this survey, even if you have already responded to the statutory ETOs, provided feedback by email or via the council’s Commonplace website.

Other ways to provide feedback

View a summary of the data collected to assess the impacts of the LTNs to April 2021