Have your say on low traffic neighbourhoods

How is Ealing consulting with residents?

All LTN trials will be implemented using an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO). 

For trial schemes installed in 2020, following the six-month statutory consultation period, the council confirmed a series of recommendations to the LTNs following an interim assessment. As the interim assessment recommended significant changes to the LTNs, the law requires that a new or revised ETO be made, restarting the six-month trial period. Learn about what changes are being implemented and the making of new ETOs

All LTNs will be subject to a second, final assessment in the last month of the trial which will make a recommendation to Cabinet on whether to remove, amend, or make the scheme permanent.

Residents and stakeholder groups affected by the proposed three additional trial LTNs to be installed in 2021 on Hamilton Road, Creffield Road North and Creffield Road South will be getting an information leaflet inviting them to respond to the proposals. The results of the survey will be used to show whether or not the trial LTN is introduced in the area. Any feedback may also be used to inform change to the design or operation of the LTN. In the event a decision is made to go ahead with the scheme, we would write to residents in advance of any works taking place. If the LTN is carried out, it is expected that the LTN would operate for a minimum period of six months to allow for settling in and behaviour change. If significant problems come up, the design can be changed or the ETO can be withdrawn before the end of the trial. Any decision will be made by ward councillors and cabinet members w,ho will take into account a combination of factors including residents’ feedback, data analysis of air quality, traffic levels, and changes to walking and cycling levels.

We will write to residents and affected stakeholder groups in before any works take place. 

Learn about the review and monitoring of Ealing's low traffic neighbourhoods

Respond to the consultation

You can let us know your thoughts on the LTN schemes installed in 2020 by adding a comment on Ealing's trial low traffic neighbourhoods project on Commonplace by clicking 'View map and comment'.

You can also formally respond to any of the LTN scheme's consultations by emailing TrafficNotices@ealing.gov.uk or by posting your response to: Highways service, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL, quoting reference ORD XXXXX – please note that you cannot object or support a scheme until the Experimental Traffic Order goes live.

Please quote the following reference for each LTN:

  • LTN 8: Olive Road - ORD 4252A
  • LTN 20: West Ealing North - ORD 4261A
  • LTN 21: West Ealing South - ORD 4248A
  • LTN 25: Acton Central - ORD 4259A
  • LTN 30: Loveday Road - ORD 4257A
  • LTN 32: Junction Road - ORD 4254A
  • LTN 34: Glendun Road (Bowes Road) - ORD 4255A
  • LTN 35: Mattock Lane - ORD 4256B
  • LTN 48: Adrienne Avenue - ORD 4253A

Let us know your thoughts on the proposals for the three additional trial LTNs by filling out the surveys for LTN 22: Creffield Road NorthLTN 23: Creffield Road South  and LTN 49: Hamilton Road. These consultations will close on 21 March 2021.

If you need any help in taking part in the consultations, eg if you need a paper copy, please write to us at highway services, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL. 

We will take feedback received onboard to make improvements to the schemes and as part of the review process.