Road closure to motor vehicles

In areas of high footfall such as town centres and key walking and cycling routes, Ealing was awarded funding by TfL for road closures to motor vehicles to ensure that there is more space available for people to walk and cycle safely and ensure social distancing. Due to the need to respond quickly, temporary materials such as waterfilled barriers have been used to mark out the space, as they enable the council to respond quickly, and adapt plans should we need to. 

The following roads access to motor vehicles have been restricted:

  • From early June, King Street in Southall has become partially one-way southbound to allow for more space for pedestrians
  • From late June, the junction of Church Road with Mandeville Road in Northolt has been closed to motor traffic which will help to keep social distancing whilst walking along this road. Temporary double yellow lines have also been applied to both sides of Church Road to allow free movement for pedestrians. Access for residents of Church Road and Vicarage Close will be via the junction with Ealing Road.

Additionally, from late July, Ealing and Hounslow have improved access for pedestrians and cyclists at Fishers Lane by temporarily prohibiting general motor traffic such as taxis and cars; buses, cyclists and the emergency services are exempt. 

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