School measures

COVID-19 School measures

Ealing has been awarded over £190,000 for measures to support schools with social distancing, including footway markings and temporary school streets.

Footway markings

Ealing offered to paint 2m social distance markings on the footway outside all schools in the Borough.  These helped to show families and students where they need to stand when waiting to enter the school.  40 schools took us up on the offer and we have provided markings, across 2691m of footway.

School Streets

What are School Streets?

School Streets is a scheme where the streets near a school are closed to traffic at school opening and closing times. Closing the streets to school and through traffic helps to achieve a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone using the streets whilst maintaining access for residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists.

How will School Streets support social distancing?

The scheme will provide a low traffic area, making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to use the road space and enable social distancing. With schools taking various other measures to address social distancing, the additional measure of a School Street will enable more children to safely attend school, especially older more independent pupils who travel on their own and may be fearful of the volumes of traffic and normal congestion at the school gates.

How many School Streets will Ealing have?

Ealing was awarded funding for 14 temporary school streets which will be implemented in September 2020. Ealing also has two permanent school streets, which are a separate scheme

How will it work?

The streets around school entrances become a pedestrian and cycle-only zone before and after school. Signs at the entrances to the scheme will inform drivers of the restrictions.

Who will enforce them?

The School Street will be enforced by a physical barrier that is in place for the duration of the agreed times.  Volunteers from the school or community will ask drivers of unauthorised vehicles not to enter the area and move the barrier for those who are authorised.

What vehicles are authorised to enter the area?

Residents living within the designated area, employees of businesses within the area, blue badge holders and school staff will have access to the area at all times.  They will receive a permit to allow them to enter. 

How long will the schemes last?

Usually the scheme will last as long as social distancing measures are required by the government to keep communities safe, up to a maximum period of 18 months. During this period, each scheme will be reviewed and, if deemed successful, could be made permanent by the introduction of a permanent Traffic Management/Regulation Order.

Who should I contact for further information?

Please contact the School Travel Team at

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