Extension of bus lane times

From 17 August 2020, all existing bus lanes on the Uxbridge Road from Hayes Bridge over the Grand Union Canal, to Old Oak Road will be made 24/7. The purpose of this is twofold; firstly, to facilitate the safe cycling on this key radial route in light of reduced capacity of public transport and the need for social distancing, And secondly, to deliver consistent bus journey time throughout the day. This is in response to the Government’s advice to travel outside peak times where possible.

All bus lane signage on Uxbridge Road will be amended with “At any time” instead of the current operational hours.

All vehicles (except buses, taxis and bicycles) will no longer be able to use the bus lane for as long as the scheme is in place.

Penalties for driving in the bus lane remain the same as before; £130, reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days. 

Why this area?

The Uxbridge Road is a key commuter route and therefore a priority to increase capacity.  Providing space for cyclists by extending the bus lane times will incentivise more people to cycle, thereby reducing crowding on public transport and reducing the risk of journeys being made by car or taxi.  

This is of particular importance now, given the reduced capacity of public transport and the limited road space to accommodate extra car journeys, as well as the harmful public health impacts of car journeys such as air pollution, contribution to climate change, and road danger.

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