COVID-19 financial gap

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert Jenrick MP, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government promised councils like Ealing the resources they needed to keep our community safe.

In March 2020, he said: “My absolute priority is to ensure [councils] are well placed to respond to coronavirus and protect vital services, including social care. The government will provide whatever funding is needed for councils to get through this and come out the other side.”

Ealing took this promise in good faith. It has cost £65million to help contain the spread of COVID-19, but the Government has only paid £26million. They have left us with a £39million hole in our budget. This is like going to a restaurant, eating a three-course meal and insisting that you’ll only pay for your starter.

The government recently announced further funding for local government. The detail of Ealing’s share of this package of support is still unclear, but its unlikely that it will bridge the gap and supply the funding that’s needed.

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Future Ealing

Before the COVID-19, pandemic, Ealing’s Government grant had been cut by £143million. For every £1 that we used to receive, we now get just 36p.

Despite this, we were managing our budgets well. Our Future Ealing programme has transformed the way that we delivered services by encouraging innovation, helping people to live more independent lives, empowering the community to get involved with local services and cutting costs as much as we can.

The Government’s £39million COVID financial gap has hit us at a time when we have little to spare and are unsure whether COVID-19 is going to come back. If they do not keep their promise and pay their bill, we will be forced to cut local services again and will be in a very weak position to cope with a second wave.

What we have delivered

Between 23 March and 23 June we have

  • Delivered more than 11,000 free food parcels to vulnerable residents
  • Provided free parking permits to more than 2600 key workers
  • Proactively called more than 20,000 shielding residents
  • Provided more than £73million in grants for businesses and awarded more than £56million of rates relief
  • Provided safe places to stay for more than 450 rough sleepers
  • Provided emergency grants to 62 voluntary and community groups
  • Sourced one million items of PPE for local frontline staff
  • Provided emergency PPE for 442 local care providers
  • Granted nearly 2500 council tax holidays to support residents facing hardship
  • Kept 87 local schools open for 1,025 children of key workers, including during the school holidays. All state-funded schools are now open
  • Brought 78 groups, charities and organisations under the Ealing Together banner
  • Received 8,476 inbound calls to the Ealing Together phone line
  • Kept 150 parks and green spaces open

Make your voice heard

We need you to stand with us and help fight for Ealing’s money.

  • Download an editable draft letter to Robert Jenrick MP and send it to his office
  • Share on social media tagging @RobertJenrick and @BorisJohnson using the hashtags #PayYourBill #KeepYourPromises
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