Discretionary grants for businesses

Funding eligibility criteria

In accordance with government guidance, Ealing Council has set the eligibility criteria below. To qualify for support from this scheme, businesses must be able to demonstrate that they meet all the conditions set out.

Business criteria

  • The business must have ongoing, fixed building / trading premises related costs
  • The business must have been trading on 11 March 2020 and for at least six months prior. This is a mandatory central government requirement
  • Companies that are in administration, are insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made are not eligible for funding under this scheme
  • The business must be registered in and have a principle trading address within the London Borough of Ealing
  • The businesses must occupy a property, or part of a property, with a rateable value or annual rent or annual mortgage payments below £51,000
  • Self-employed individuals that work primarily from home and do not have additional ongoing, fixed building-related costs outside of their residential property costs will not be eligible for funding.

Business size and set-up

The business must meet the following classification of a micro business.

  • Turnover between £100,000 and £499,000 per annum
  • Balance sheet total not more than £316,000
  • Total headcount of 10 employees or less
  • The business applicant must be a small independent business – with national chains and Public Limited Companies (PLCs) excluded (including subsidiaries and businesses owned by hedge funds)

Financial impacts

  • The business must be able to demonstrate that it has suffered a significant fall in income due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • To qualify for the Ealing scheme, businesses must demonstrate they have suffered a loss of a least 25% income turnover due to Covid-19

Working with Ealing Council

  • The business should agree to engage with the council on employment initiatives to aid the economic recovery of the borough
  • The business should agree to engage with the council on monitoring and evaluation activity to measure the impact of the grant allocated

Other grants received

The business must NOT be in receipt of one of the government grants listed below. This is a mandatory central government requirement.

The business must not be in receipt of a grant payment from the Ealing COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Grant prioritisation

Ealing will seek to prioritise grants to successful applicants that meet the following conditions

  • Businesses that pay all / any employees the London Living wage of £10.75 per hour
  • Businesses within shared workspaces and flexible workspaces.

Should application demand exceed the availability of funds a simple weighting mechanism may be required to assess applications. Priority will be given according to:

  • Date business began trading
  • Turnover loss
  • Turnover range.