Sharing essential information in community languages


While all communities continue to be impacted by the virus it is having a disproportionate impact on Black, Asian and minority ethnic people (BAME).   

Research into the factors leading to the greater health risks and higher mortality rates in BAME people is ongoing but most analysis indicates the following are likely to be significant:

  • Higher numbers of BAME people working in specific occupational sectors, including key workers and therefore greater risk of exposure
  • Higher concentrations of BAME people in urban areas
  • Underlying health conditions found in BAME people (e.g. diabetes)
  • Economic deprivation.  People may be in low paid jobs, live in overcrowded homes or are homeless.

We know that across all ethnic groups, older people are at greatest risk from this disease. 

Ealing Council is seeking help from community leaders and others to make sure that key messages relating to the COVID-19 situation are communicated to all of the borough’s communities effectively.

As the borough’s audience is very diverse, we are asking community leaders and others that they use their channels to communicate these key messages to their communities.

It is fully anticipated that this is something already being done but hope that this brief toolkit provides those key messages plus some useful advice and tips.

In addition, a comprehensive list of resources in community languages can be downloaded.

Languages available are: Polish, Punjabi, Arabic, Tamil, Gujarati, Somali, Urdu, Persian/Farsi and French.

There is also translated content of all of the council's website information relating to COVID-19 / Coronavirus*

*Note some of these are automated translations using Google Translate and so may contain some errors.