Help for business

Government guidance to keep your business safe

Protecting your business 

The government has advised everyone must stay at home as much as possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus. 

If your business has closed and with significantly less natural surveillance, it has never been more important to protect your business from burglars. 

The Metropolitan Police has put together dedicated business crime prevention advice for businesses.

For full guidance visit the Metropolitan Police crime prevention page.


Businesses including local shops and chemists are reminded to act responsibly and not exploit the current situation by increasing the prices for in demand items or making misleading claims about the benefits of some products.

The council has a range of powers at its disposal to deal with certain abuses and we will use them if necessary. Furthermore, the Competition and Markets Authority has advised that they will employ all competition and consumer powers available to ensure that markets continue to work well during the coronavirus outbreak.


London Trading Standards are warning Londoners to be on guard against scams related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. These include emails from the government are offering a tax rebate to support people through this challenging period and several fake ‘coronavirus update’ apps, which claim to provide updates on the virus. 

Take Five Anti-Fraud campaign

Take Five is a national campaign to help consumers and businesses stop fraud by taking a moment the next time they are asked for their personal details. It aims to engage, encourage and educate people on practical ways to best protect themselves against financial fraud, such as email deception and phone scams.