Changes to council services

Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies and birth registration appointments cancelled

Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

Due to the government's intended national lockdown restrictions announced on 4 January 2020, we are unfortunately forced to cancel all weddings and civil partnerships until further notice. If you have already booked a ceremony with us we have sent you an email notifying of this, so please check your email including your spam. 

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies can go ahead in exceptional circumstances only, such as where one party is terminally ill and not expected to survive for 30 days. Please be advised that an imminent birth and an expiring visa, whilst we recognise are important and urgent scenarios, are not exceptional, i.e. unusual circumstances.

As and when lockdown restrictions are lifted, we may be in a position to honour existing bookings and start to book in new ceremonies. We will contact you advising how to reschedule your ceremony. They will be rescheduled in date order. Any requests we receive now to reschedule your ceremony, will be booked for 1 April 2021 at the earliest. So please do not ask us, for a ceremony date before this, as your request will be refused. With our limited staffing, we will be unable to respond to rescheduling queries at this time, as we cannot divert staff from delivery essential services such as registering deaths.  

Unfortunately rebooking cancelled ceremonies cannot be completed online.  

Please be aware that if your ceremony is more than 12 months after the date you gave your notice, you will have to give your notice again as your legal paperwork expires after 12 months. This is compulsory - you cannot get married unless you have a valid notice.

Any fees you have paid towards your ceremony will be transferred to a ceremony on a new date. 

Citizenship appointments

Group citizenship ceremonies have also been suspended. We are offering a limited number of complimentary ceremonies on a first come first served basis. Once the have been allocated you will need to wait for group ceremonies to recommence or pay for a private ceremony.

Birth registration appointments

Birth registration appointments have been suspended under national lockdown.