Changes to council services

Estate services including caretaking and cleaning

During this third lockdown, our estate services team has a number of staff who are either shielding or ill through the coronavirus, which has stretched our resources to the point where normal weekly services cannot be maintained on all of our estates.  

In order to keep our residents and staff safe, we are therefore changing the way in which we deliver services during the pandemic. We are focusing on the essential health and safety aspects of cleaning and caretaking rather than spending time on tasks which do not either help control the spread of the virus or ensure the safety of the building. Rather than the usual once per week cleaning service, we will visit the communal areas of blocks more frequently in order to disinfect touch points. We will also ensure that the normal flow of refuse from buildings is maintained, keep communal areas clear of dumped items, complete health and safety checks, report emergency repairs and do spot cleaning as required. This is a higher level of service than was provided during the first lockdown when only emergency work was carried out inside of blocks.

Social distancing

Many of our staff have raised fears about the unnecessary risk that some resident behaviours are exposing them to. Caretakers have reported that some residents are completely ignoring social distancing rules when they approach the caretaker to discuss something, encroaching on their personal space, not wearing face coverings and getting into lifts with them and other residents. To help us safeguard our staff so they can continue providing services in your buildings, please stay at least two metres away from them whilst they carry out their duties and, if you must engage with them, wear a face covering whilst doing so. The communal areas of many of our blocks including lifts and corridors are confined spaces, so, as you do when visiting shops, please also wear face coverings at all times whilst within them and only travel in lifts with members of your own household.