Changes to council services

Council committee meetings

Accessing virtual committee meetings

Virtual committee meetings

Ealing Council is using video conferencing technology to hold committee meetings to make sure that council business continues in an open and transparent way. This will allow members of the public to continue to be involved in committee meetings.

However please be aware the council may not be able to run its full meeting schedule during this time. Full information and updates on the schedule of meetings currently being held can be found on the council’s online calendar of meetings.

Why the council is using virtual technology for committee meetings

The council has chosen to proceed with essential business using virtual committee meetings as through this crisis the council still has legal obligations and statutory deadlines to meet. It is not been determined when restrictions will be lifted and when it will be safe for councillors and the public to meet in person again.

The government legislated to allow for virtual council meetings under the Coronavirus Act 2020, and associated regulations issued by the Secretary of State. The government have indicated that local government should make use of these provisions to allow for essential business to continue in an open and transparent manner.

The decision to proceed with virtual committee meetings has been assessed through an Equalities Analysis Assessment.

How to watch council meetings live

The council is using Microsoft Teams Live Events to hold virtual committee meetings.

  1. Find the meeting you are interested in on the council’s website web by following this link to the council’s meetings calendar: London Borough of Ealing Committees
  2. Go to the meeting you are interested in by clicking on the relevant date in the calendar and the meeting agenda should be visible. Please note agendas are published five clear working days before the meeting. If an agenda for a meeting has not yet been published a link to watch the meeting will not yet be available.
  3. The link to view the meeting will be clearly displayed under the heading VIRTUAL MEETING- LINK TO VIEW
  4. Click on the virtual meeting link at the relevant time and follow the instructions to watch the meeting

Recordings of council meetings

You will need to follow the same instructions for watching a live meeting (see above). It is expected that the recording of the meeting will be uploaded and made publicly available within 24 hours of having taken place.

How to participate and ask a question at a council meeting

All official council meetings are accessible to the public to view but for most meetings public participation is at the discretion of the Chair. If you wish to speak at a meeting you will need to let Democratic services know in advance of the meeting (5pm one working day before the meeting) so that arrangements can be made for you to take part. Please contact Democratic services on to request to speak at a meeting.

If you are speaking at a meeting and you don’t have a suitable device or connection that will allow you to take part, access can be provided via a phone connection to the meeting.  Details of the phone number to ring will be provided to you once speaking arrangements have been confirmed.

Devices to watch a council committee meeting on

Watching meetings on Teams Live Events works on any device with an internet browser. This includes smartphones, tablets and computers. You do not need to have a Microsoft account or to have Microsoft Teams installed on your device or order to watch meetings via Teams Live Events.