Help for residents

Please check the NHS website for the most up to date advice and information on what to do if you are feeling unwell.

If you are elderly or vulnerable and are self-isolating, ask a trusted relative, friend or neighbour to assist you. If you do not have a trusted relative, friend or neighbour, and are worried about how you will cope during self-isolation, call our social care customer contact centre on 020 8825 7170.

There are a number of mutual aid groups that have been established on the social media websites, Facebook and Nextdoor. Remember that sadly some criminals will use situations like this to try and defraud people. People can misrepresent themselves on social media. Do not give personal or financial information, including pin numbers and bank cards, to people who you do not know or do not trust. Read more about staying safe from scams.

With government instructions to stay at home it is clearly going to be a very difficult time for those facing abuse from people in the same household. Ealing Council is continuing to offer full support, help and advice to any residents suffering domestic abuse.