Norwood Green path consultation

This consultation was live until 8 December 2019.

The consultation

A public consultation was carried out between 31 October and 8 December 2019 on whether to build a new walking and jogging path with distance markers around the Norwood Green.

In April 2019 Ealing Council received a community petition requesting a new walking and jogging path and distance markers to be installed at Norwood Green. The petition had over 400 signatures. A design was therefore prepared for a simple path running around the edge of the main grassed area and linking the existing play area, seating and outdoor gym equipment. The proposed path would be made of recycled crushed concrete with a granite chip dressing to provide a dry surface whilst being more sympathetic to the village green character of Norwood Green than tarmac. Distance markers would be timber posts set at 100m intervals to form a 500m long circuit. Funding from the Norwood Green Ward Forum would be available for this work.

What you said

In total there were 82 responses to the survey, with a majority of the respondents 50% (41) in favour of the proposed path and distance markers with 44% (36) opposed to the proposals. All but 4 of the responses received came from addresses within Norwood Green ward and most of these were from roads close to the green. Common reasons given for supporting the proposal were to do with the health and safety benefits of more easily being able to walk or jog for exercise. Common concerns raised were around the loss of green space and that a path is not appropriate for this area.

Based on the analysis of the consultation results the recommendation is to go ahead with installation of the new path and distance markers at Norwood Green in sping 2020. The council believe that the proposed path and distance markers will allow more people to enjoy Norwood Green and to become more active, and that the materials proposed for the path and marker posts are suitable for this historic village green.

What happens next?

Norwood Green Ward Forum will fund the new path and timber distance markers which will be installed in spring 2020.

Further information

If you have any questions or need any help with taking part in this consultation please email