North Greenford - Proposed controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultation

This consultation was open between 30 September and 25 October 2019.

The consultation

Over the last few years, the council carried a number of parking counts across the borough with the purpose of identifying areas with high volumes of parking. The information collected from these counts, was used to establish our programme of consultation for controlled parking zones (CPZ). The survey of the North Greenford area, concluded that many roads were heavily parked and could benefit from controlled parking.

In view of this, the Council decided to consult with residents in the area, to see whether they would like controlled parking introduced in their street.

The results of the parking survey had identified a core area of parking concern. This was the area where the highest volumes of parking were recorded and the primary focus of the consultation. However in recognition of the possible impact of further parking displacement, the council also consulted residents in surrounding roads – referred to as the ‘outer area’.

What you said?

Between 30 September and 25 October 2019 residents from 15 'core area' streets and 13 'outer area' streets were asked if they would like a CPZ to be introduced. In total 314 responses were received for the 'core area' with only 17% in favour and 83% opposed to the proposal. Fewer responses were received from the 'outer area' (134) though the results were similar with only 29% of those responses in favour of the proposal. The full results and original consultation document are now available to read in detail if needed.

What happens next?

The results of the consultation do not meet the criteria to proceed to implementation, in accordance with the Council’s CPZ policy. Therefore, we will not be proceeding any further with this scheme.

Further information

If you have any questions or need any help with taking part in this consultation please email or phone 020 8825 9949.