Little Ealing controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultation

This consultation closed on 10 October 2014

The consultation

The council received a number of parking complaints and requests for controlled parking from residents in the Little Ealing area. Following these requests, ward councillors asked officers to undertake a parking survey to help establish the level of parking pressure in the area.

The outcome of this parking survey identified several roads experiencing high volumes of parking pressure, most notably during the week. Since this survey was undertaken last year, officers were informed about a proposal to extend the Brentford North CPZ by Hounslow Council. Should this scheme go ahead, parking controls would be introduced up to the borough boundary and will inevitably lead to parking displacement and further parking pressure on Ealing residents.

Furthermore, there are understandable concerns about the proposed development on the Reynard Mills estate and the additional traffic it will potentially bring to the area.  In view of these issues and the results of the parking survey, officers identified a core area of parking concern. This is the area the council consulted for controlled parking, however in recognition of the possible impact of further parking displacement, the council also consulted residents in surrounding roads.

What you said

The response rates for the two consultation areas were:

Core area – 32%

Outer area – 16%

Core area results

Do you want the proposed CPZ to cover your road?

 Response  No  % 
 Yes  332  60% 
 No  225  40%
 Total  557  100%

Outer area results

Should a CPZ be introduced in the core area, would you like to be considered for inclusion?

 Response  No  % 
 Yes  18  46%
 No  21  54%
 Total  39  100%

The results and original consultation document are also available to download now.

What happens next?

For further information, please see the Cabinet report stated. The report will be available to view online a few days prior to the arranged meeting. The minutes and decisions made, will be published shortly after the meeting.

Further information

For further information about this consultation please contact:

Name: Anthony Kestla
Department: Highways
Tel: (020) 8825 6707