Think Family Plus

Targeted interventions

Family coaching

Ealing has commissioned the charity Family Lives to deliver a family coaching service for families in Ealing who meet the Think Family Plus criteria. Formerly Parentline Plus, Family Lives is a charity that has over three decades of experience in helping parents deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life.

The service addresses families’ challenges and their needs to ensure improved life chances and outcomes for children and young people in families with multiple difficulties.

The service includes intensive one-to-one support over a defined period of time as well as lighter-touch help such as parenting groups for short-term or one-off interventions. This will enable families to manage their lives more effectively and increase their resilience to get along safely as a family unit and within the community.

Each family is different and will have different needs. Parenting support in Ealing is offered to make families feel more confident in their ability to deal with day-to-day tasks. As part of the TFP programme, this can include helping:

  • children get back to school
  • families where there is anti-social behaviour and crime
  • parents to contact services and community support
  • parents to work positively with child welfare services
  • families with children on child protection plans
  • to raise parents’ confidence and communication within the family.

For families that meet the TFP criteria, Family Lives in Ealing provides the following:

Intensive 1:1 support
This is intended for those who need to improve their parenting skills, mood and stress management skills and approaches to ‘coping’ so that they have the capacity to be better parents and the family can function more effectively.

Individual one-to-one support is an early intervention service for parents or carers who are struggling with multiple, complex and deep-rooted family problems and are looking to improve their situation. The service provides parents with up to six weeks of in-depth support, allowing them to concentrate on difficulties and successes in a task-oriented way. Parents are enabled to set small manageable goals for themselves to help them move forward in their life. This service is a short-term intervention designed to help parents by identifying areas they wish to work on, helping them to think of ways of changing or managing a situation and providing an opportunity to test these out with support

Our support workers offer skilled early intervention and detailed information to help parents understand the real issues they face and support them in making realistic changes to improve their situation. The support sessions focus on four main areas:

  • Difficulties with children/family
  • Developing the confidence and self-worth of the parent
  • Identifying and accessing local support mechanisms
  • Building skills and new strategies to parent more effectively

The Individual Support Service in Ealing can be offered face to face or by telephone. This service may be particularly suitable for parents who:

  • have complex and deep-set problems
  • recognise that they need and want support
  • are concerned about their child’s/children’s behaviour
  • are experiencing a high degree of anxiety and stress
  • find it hard to talk in front of others, for example in a group setting
  • find it difficult to access other services, due to illness, disability, imprisonment, family duties as a carer, work shifts, or a lack of transport or childcare facilities

Volunteer-led family coaching
Volunteer-led family coaching is intended for vulnerable families and/or families with children on child protection plans in Ealing and is designed to help strengthen self-esteem, family skills and community networks.

The service is provided by volunteers who deliver support tailored to the needs of each family; this includes:

  • home visits and coaching to manage practical tasks
  • signposting and helping families to access other sources of available support, both statutory and community based
  • helping families to build their self-confidence and motivation, and the skills and approaches to be able to cope

This involves visiting the parent in a community setting or their home, learning about their lives and problems, and helping them to find solutions. Family Lives believes that people can solve their family problems if they are given the space and time to reflect and also have the support of a good listener to help coach them to success.

Volunteers will visit families regularly to ensure that parents keep in contact, work with other support services positively, attend meetings where possible, and have a chance to discuss issues as they make changes to their family lives.

Volunteers are fully trained, supported, supervised and quality assured.  

Parenting programmes
Family Lives runs specific parenting programmes in Ealing that cover a range of support needs for eligible families. Groups will be run in local venues and at convenient times for parents to attend. They will run in conjunction with Ealing Parenting Service.

Family Lives will also provide access to the Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) e-learning for parents to access at home.  

How to refer a family for family coaching
All families referred to Ealing’s family coaching service must meet the Think Family Plus eligibility criteria - checks will be completed before referrals are accepted and referrals will not be progressed without a reference number to confirm eligibility. 

Please email for more information.