New permit pricing

From 14 April 2022 our permit prices will be changing as outlined in the table below.

The increase is necessary for the cost of processing and maintenance of our systems, to ensure customers are able to manage their account at any time within the comfort of their homes. Our new prices will also allow us to better serve you.

Parking product Current price Price from 14 April 2022 Additional information
Paper and electronic resident visitor permit (1 hour) £0.60 £0.80 The cost of all day resident visitor permits remains capped at £4.50
Basic annual resident permit for band 2 vehicle 
(one that emits 101-140 of CO2 g/km)
£75.00 £76.00  
Basic annual resident permit for band 3 vehicle 
(one that emits 141-185 of CO2 g/km)
£100.00 £102.00  
Basic annual resident permit for band 4 vehicle 
(one that emits more than185 of CO2 g/km)
£125.00 £130.00  
Short controlled parking zone (CPZ) discount on annual resident permit for those living in a part day CPZs -£10.00 -£5.00 'Part day' refers to parking zones with fewer than four hours of parking enforcement each day on which they operate
Additional vehicle charge on annual resident permit £50.00 £55.00 This charge is applied to the cost of the permit for the second vehicle in each household, it is doubled for the permit of the third vehicle, trebled for the permit of the fourth vehicle, etc
Annual Allotment Permit £33.20 £35.00  
Annual Carers Permit - for friends, relatives and professional carers £45.30 £48.00  
Annual Disabled Bay Permit  £30.20 £32.00  
Annual Essential Users Permit £352.50 £365.00  
Annual Religious Permit £175.00 £180.00 20 religious permits may still be purchased for the price of 15.
Dispensation for Residents (14 days) £9.00 £10.00  
Administration fee £15.00 £16.00 Applied when a permit is cancelled early or permit details such as the vehicle are changed.

 You can contact us about these prices changes at If you have any other questions regarding parking, please contact us at