Report illegal and dropped kerb parking

Use this form to report a vehicle parked where it should not be. This could be a car parked in front of a dropped kerb, driveway, a single or double yellow line, outside a school, bus stop, on a pavement or pedestrian crossing.  

Before you start

Please do not complete this form if you want to tell us about:

We will not enforce a dropped kerb during controlled parking zone (CPZ) hours, if the vehicle is in a parking bay and has a permit. You also need to register your dropped kerb with us before we can issue a ticket.

You will need

  • Location of the parked vehicle, with images if possible.
  • Vehicle registration number, make and colour. 
  • Dropped kerb reference number (for a residential dropped kerb).

Uploading supporting documents

We may ask you to upload some documents. For example, a photograph of the illegally parked vehicle.   

  • Accepted file types: Word (docx), Acrobat (pdf), Excel (xlsx), Plain text (txt). 
  • Zip files cannot be uploaded.
  • We also accept photos taken on phones and tablets and the following image file types - jpeg, gif, png.  
  • There is a maximum individual file size per document of 50MB. 

What happens next

We will send a civil enforcement officer to check as soon as possible and issue a penalty charge notice. They will aim to be there within one hour. 

We will not tell anyone that you reported this.

This form should take approximately three minutes to complete.

Report illegal and dropped kerb parking enforcement