New parking system

After a decade of using our current parking IT system, the council has upgraded to a new system to meet the needs and demands of its users. The new system went live on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

What will the new system mean for residents within Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)?

By upgrading to the new system called Taranto, some of the current online issues will be fixed and some background processes will be removed. Residents will have more control over products and will be able to manage their accounts efficiently. As it is a new system, residents will need to register online in order to purchase a permit. All documents will need to be provided by email to within 28 days of a permit application for new residents.

To create an account, you will need to provide your own individual email address and create a password. The email address will be verified for security measures. This means that PIN verification will no longer be necessary. If you forget your password, there will be a simple two step password reset function which will allow you to reset your password. The verification email will be sent from Please ensure you make a note of your username as you will not be able to reset it or your password if you forget. Please note that this is not an attended inbox and responses will not be issued.

  • All purchased items will be in one place in one account
  • Residents will have easy access to their information, including permit processing updates and expiry dates, as well as still receiving email renewals
  • More than five permits can be issued to a single address
  • No £15 administration fee for new permits
  • Aim to migrate all paper permit types online, to improve efficiency and reduce processing costs
  • Payments will be processed in real time which will allow for faster and easier transactions
  • Option to choose between multiple zones if you fall within a buffer zone without having to contact parking services
  • Low Car Housing Scheme (LCHS) users will no longer be able to purchase paper vouchers. Residents within a LCHS are advised to apply for an account with our cashless provider. Once an account is set up residents will have access to cashless parking sessions instantly.

How do I register for a new parking account?

You will need to register for a new account online by following the "apply for a new permit" or "renew your resident's permit" pages. "My Account" on the council website is not linked to parking permits therefore please only use the links to create a new permit account on the parking pages. Please note that account holders should be the registered keeper of the vehicles they are purchasing permits for. You will be unable to purchase multiple permits under one account if you are not the registered keeper of the all the vehicles. E.g. You will not be able to purchase a permit under your account for yourself and your wife, if your wife is the registered keeper of one of the vehicles you require a permit for. Your wife would need a separate account to apply for a permit.

Will I be able to park my vehicle whilst my new permit application is in progress?

Yes, you will be able to park your vehicle from the start date of your permit after you have made a successful payment. For all new permits you will need to supply proof documents within 28 days. If we do not receive proofs within this time your permit may be cancelled.

Will I be able to purchase paper visitor vouchers online?

Yes, providing there is stock availability for your zone. Once stock runs out you will need to use the cashless pay by phone option.

I currently have a live permit, will I have to do anything now?

No. If you wish to renew your permit, you will need to register for a new account when your permit is due to expire. Please allow efficient time to set up your new account before your permit expires.

Once i create an account will i be able to see my old permit details?

No, as it is a new system all your old permit details will not appear on your new account. Only new permit applications that have been created on the new account will be displayed.

How much will I be charged on the new system for my new permit?

The tier pricing on the new system will begin with the lowest tier price (first vehicle). Therefore we have reverted to a first come, first served basis e.g  the first application received on the new system under your address will effectively have the first vehicle price.

Do I have to re-submit my proof documents, even if I have provided this before?

No, if you have provided documents previously, this year you will not need to provide the documents again, however next year you may be asked to produce them during the renewal process.

I am unable to see an option to purchase a permit on the new parking account, why?

There are various reasons why you may not be able to see an option to purchase a permit online:

  • Your address falls within a Low Car Housing Scheme (LCHS)
  • Your address is not within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)
  • The address may be missing from our system (i.e. new development)

If the address is missing from our system then please contact If however your property falls within a LCHS or is not within a CPZ this means you are not eligible for a resident permit.

Will I still be able to do a change of vehicle on my current permit?

You will not be able to do a change of vehicle online for your permit beginning with "RZ".  You will need to create a new account and purchase a new permit for your new vehicle. You can then email to cancel your old permit and get a refund on any remaining amount. We are however able to do urgent change of vehicle requests in person at Perceval House up until October 2018. For permits that start “EAX” you will be able to do a change of vehicle yourself on your account.

Will I still need a PIN number to renew my permit or purchase vouchers?

No, PIN numbers will no longer be used.

Will I be able to check the expiry date of my current live permit from the old system?

Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to check the expiry date of your current live permit from the old system. We sent email permit expiry date reminders at the end of July 2018 to all permit holders who had provided email contact details. Please make a note of the expiry date of your permit (at the top of the email) to ensure you renew on time. Please allow yourself plenty of time to renew your permit as you will need to create a new parking permit account in order to do this.

Will I still receive a permit renewal reminder?

You will receive a courtesy permit renewal reminder for your permit beginning with “EAX” only. You will no longer receive a renewal reminder for your old permit beginning “RZ” so please ensure you remember the expiry date of your permit.