Travel Smart

Walking and cycling are fun and sustainable options for getting around and a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and lead a healthy lifestyle. If your next journey is three miles or under, why not have a go at walking or cycling.

If your journey is too far to walk or cycle, why not make use of the excellent transport links available in the borough.  

If you still need to use your car there are plenty of ways to make your journey greener. Have a look into sharing your journey - for more information on car sharing visit the London Liftshare website. You can even become a member of a car club - it's easy to do and could save you money.

Ealing Council is committed to changing the way we travel.  If you would like to know more about what the council is doing to encourage more sustainable transport, have a look at the business travel plans page.

The council also has a school travel team that advises schools on how to develop school travel plans to help pupils to get to school in an active and sustainable way.

If your organisation would like to do more to reduce the impact that your journeys have on the environment, staff, local community and the organisations why not consider developing your own travel plan - for more information on travel plans visit the WestTrans website.