Highways enquiries and traffic data

There is a charge for providing highways or traffic data, which is a discretionary service.

Highway and road adoption enquiries

The charge is £75 per enquiry.

Please note: the council only has access to plans of adopted highway and proposed road schemes from the highways database. Unadopted and private roads may return no results.

Traffic data

Data can only be provided from existing survey data.  The council does not carry out surveys on behalf of third parties.

  • Turning counts: £190 per site
  • Traffic counts: £105 per site
  • Pedestrian counts: £170 per site
  • Collision data: £60 per site

How to request information

Enquiries should be made by post, with the correct fee payment and highlighted site plan/s, addressed to:

Transport Planning Service
4/NE/14 Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
Ealing W5 2HL

Please send your enquiry with cheque payment made out to ‘Ealing Council’ or the ‘London Borough of Ealing’.

We currently aim to respond within 10 working days receipt.

Land searches

Please contact the Land Charges Service directly for CON 29 or other land charge enquiries.