Cycling tips

Ealing is committed to increasing the number of people who live, work or study in the borough to start cycling. Below are some top tips to help you start cycling, return to cycling, or cycle more often.

New to cycling on roads

London Cycling Campaign have published tips for new or returning cyclists who are looking to get on their bike.

It is important that when out cycling you cycle safely and confidently by:

  1. Looking, signalling and manoeuvring
  2. Eye contact - look at pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists in the eye
  3. Keep away from the kerb - cycle at least 1m away from the kerb and parked cars
  4. Take the lane

Planning your cycle route

If you have not cycled in a while or are not sure of what route to take, why not use the London Cycling Campaign’s route planner.

If you are looking for inspiration where to cycle to, or along, why not check out the following routes:

  • Ealing benefits from segregated cycle routes; including the Ruislip Road East Quietway that provides a segregated path from Greenford Broadway to Ealing along the Ruislip Road East; and more recently Transport for London has completed works on the segregated A40 Cycleway that runs from Wood Lane to Kathleen Avenue - a great route for those who live in Acton to try out.
  • Ealing’s parks are open spaces provide a great chance for you and your household to take in the borough’s beautiful greenery.