Dockless bike hire

Dockless bike hire schemes are available in Ealing. They are not operated by the council. 

If you are a dockless hire company wanting to operate in Ealing borough, dockless cycle hire companies must have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the council in place before commencing operations. The MOU agrees performance related to removal of bicycles causing a danger, obstruction and/or nuisance and a guarantee that the operator will remove all bicycles from the Borough if the operator fails to comply with the terms of the MOU. Operators must also agree to share anonymised data on trips and usage for free with the council.

Without an MOU, the council will use its powers under the Highways Act to remove bicycles and operators will be charged £40 to cover the council’s costs before being allowed to retrieve their bicycles.

The council and operators will work together to identify preferred places for parking at key destination points as well as exclusion areas where bicycles must be moved immediately. Operators will be expected to comply with Transport for London's Dockless bike share code of practice (PDF). 

If a dockless cycle hire bike has been left in a place which is causing an obstruction or nuisance, please call Lime on 0800 808 5223 (freephone).

More information on the schemes, and information on how to hire a bicycle, is available from their websites.

Dockless bike companies in Ealing