Cycle safety and security

Safe cycling tips 

  • Look‚ signal‚ manoeuvre - Before making any move on the road‚ look around and over your shoulder, then make a hand signal to let people know where you are going
  • Eye contact - Look drivers, pedestrians, other cyclists in the eye‚ rather than just at their vehicle
  • Keep away from the kerb - Try and ride at least one metre away from parked cars (to allow for doors opening), the gutter (which can be in a vehicle’s blind spot) or any other edge of the roadspace
  • Take the lane - If there’s not enough space for a vehicle to overtake you safely‚ or you’re approaching a side street, ride in the middle of the lane to prevent vehicles passing you in that lane and turning across you. Try to communicate with any driver behind you with a quick look to let them know you know they are there and then let them pass when it is safe to do so.

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Securing your bike

Try to only leave your bike in places where there's lots of people about or cameras.

Make sure you have locked down your frame, and both wheels. We advise locking your bike with two good locks - at least one with 'Sold secure' gold rating.

It’s also worth checking if your bike insurance (make sure you have some) requires you to use a specific type of lock and where you’re covered to leave your bike.