Travelling by bike is a healthy, lowcost and environmentally-friendly way to get around London. Cycling can also be a quicker alternative to motorised transport - even now in central London traffic speeds average just 11mph. Cycle parking is normally free and the council is installing cycle stands where there is demand.

Cycling events and activities

  • Bring your bike along to one of our Dr Bike health check sessions to be checked over and get some free back up bike lights to help you keep cycling through winter.  One set per person, offer valid until March 2017 or until stocks run out.

Cycle parking

Ealing Council has cycle parking areas for over 3,700 bicycles. To find your nearest cycle parking in the borough use our interactive map on the Urban Cycle Parking website.

Suggest a location for a cycle stand

Please email with the street name and the nearest property number and, if practical, we will install a cycle stand there.

Ealing offers a range of cycle training, social rides and maintenance activities for every level of cyclist in the borough. Contact our provider CTUK.

Ealing Women on Wheels

Ealing invites all women to experience the fun of two wheels. Follow news of activities on Twitter using #Ealingwow and visit the Women on Wheels page to get the latest information.