Re-use and recycling centres and sites

Textile recycling

Approximately 1.4million tonnes of textiles which could have been re-used or recycled are needlessly put in to rubbish bins.

Lots of textiles can be recycled in Ealing including clothes, bags, belts, curtains, blankets, towels, odd socks and lingerie.

Any unwanted clothing, can be put in in your green recycling box on your next weekly collection day. Just make sure you put them in a bag to keep them dry and tie any pairs of shoes together.

You can book a free textiles collection online via TRAID

Alternatively you could be creative and ‘upcycle' the items which you have in your wardrobe. Look out for local ‘swishing events’ or you could donate them to a charity shop. For more information see

You can also take these materials, as well as mattresses, to the re-use and recycling centres at Greenford.

What happens to my unwanted textiles?

The textiles collected in the banks and in your green box are taken away and sorted, according to their condition, into different grades. They are either then sent to be reused or recycled into different products.

It is calculated that recovering and recycling just 10% of the waste currently sent to landfill in the UK could generate savings of around £23.8million a year, which would not only help our economy but the environment too.