Pest control - treatments and charges

Mouse and rat control

Ealing Council's pest control officers will carry out treatment to eliminate rats or mice.

How does the council's pest control service work?

Fully trained pest control officers will survey the infestation, and the usual treatment is to place poison bait in the most appropriate locations. Follow up visits will be made in order to ensure the success of the treatment.

The council's pest control officers can also give general advice on pest control. In some cases it may be necessary for an officer with legal powers to take legal action to prevent problems recurring. Where possible, officers will identify the type of rodent present, as this can be confusing since there are several different species of mice.

Types of treatment carried out

  • treatment is in the form of poison baits
  • the contractor will inform you of where baits have been placed and let you know how the treatment is progressing
  • you will be advised on safety regarding the treatment and be given an information sheet about the treatment, including what action to take in an emergency
  • occasionally the contractor might consider that treatment is more effectively carried out in an alternative location
  • you will be offered advice about hygiene and/or proofing in order to prevent further infestations
  • the service will not undertake any building or other works, such as removing floorboards or tiles, in order to carry out treatment
  • if necessary, formal notices under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act or the Public Health Acts may be served, to require occupiers to treat or take steps to eradicate vermin
  • the council reserves the right to refuse or terminate the treatment at any time