Your collection service

Register for collection reminders

To help you remember which bins to put out each week, we are offering free text message reminders to all residents until 22 Sep 2017 of the new collection service.

You will receive a message straight to your mobile phone the day before each recycling and rubbish collection to remind you to put your bins out.

The SMS reminder service is available for all residents with household recycling and rubbish collections. This service is not available for businesses or flats with communal recycling or rubbish collections. 

You can also check your collection day online. 


To register for free collection reminders, by entering your postcode and mobile telephone number.

You will receive a text message reminder on your first eligible reminder day. Please note that registrations may take five working days to complete.

You will receive your first collection reminder text the day before your collection day.


You can unsubscribe at any time by following the opt out instructions at the end of each SMS collection reminder.