West Ealing high street innovation

West Ealing

West Ealing was one of the worst affected areas during the 2011 London riots and threatened to push the area into further decline. In 2012, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) setup the high street innovation fund to help areas affected in London bounce back in the aftermath of the troubles. This funding coupled with a recovery fund the council had created in response to the riots was allocated to improvements in West Ealing.

The West Ealing Project Steering Group is a small partnership of residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and council officers that was established to make decisions on how to spend this funding. Together, this partnership has been working largely behind the scenes to turn West Ealing’s fortunes around.

High street innovation and riot recovery fund projects

To find out more about other projects delivered by the West Ealing Project Steering Group read the High Street Innovation and Riot Recovery report.