Evidence base

Open space, sport and biodiversity

Open space

The Parks and Open Spaces Strategy 2002 provided an assessment of need and an action plan setting out investment priorities for public open space. It covered the period 2003-08. A draft version of the Green Space Strategy 2011 has now been completed. The scope of this strategy is broader than the 2002 study in that it covers all types of green space including both publicly accessible and private open space in accordance with PPG 17 - Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation.

Open space documents


A Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sport Assessment was completed in February 2007 undertaken in accordance the “Towards A Level Playing Field” (2003) methodology. As part of the support package provided by Sport England the council is in the process of reviewing and updating this study.

In addition, the council is also undertaking an assessment of need in terms of indoor facilities including sports hall and swimming pools. This will be published in Summer 2010.


Biodiversity is the term used to describe all living things on Earth. It includes the diversity at species, genetic and ecosystem level. Following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the government implemented a hierarchy of biodiversity action plans also known as a BAP. 

Working jointly with the GLA a review of sites of importance for nature conservation in Ealing was undertaken in 2006 that included an audit of each site as part of the review including the collecting data on the ecology of each site.

Sites of importance for nature conservation