Evidence base

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Infrastructure planning is the integrated investment and delivery of land and buildings to create places and provide services. In Ealing we will be looking at ways to make our existing infrastructure to work better for us, as well as identifying the need for and securing delivery of additional provision.

A background paper on Infrastructure Planning and Delivery published in September 2009 briefly outlines what infrastructure planning is about, why an infrastructure delivery plan (IDP) is required, what outputs and outcomes will be generated, who will be involved in the process and the timetable for producing the plan.

A first version of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan was published in September 2010 together with an Infrastructure Delivery Schedule that summarises the the planned infrastructure planned within the first five years.

A second version of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan was published in July 2011 together with an Infrastructure Delivery Schedule.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan documents

Primary school site selection report

This report (commissioned jointly by the council's education and planning policy departments) provides evidence for the Infrastructure Delivery Plan regarding availability and suitability of sites for new primary school provision. Whilst this report has been published in full after the Local Plans (formally known as LDF) consultation period has ended, the initial findings detailing potentially suitable sites are included in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan version 1 (which was published and circulated as one of the background papers to the Local Development Framework documents consulted upon) at section 4.2.9, and were also referenced at the public meeting on Infrastructure in Acton on 13 October 2010. The full report is attached in two parts:

Primary school site selection main report and appendix 1, appendices 2 and 3