Planning for Schools DPD

Examination in Public

The Planning for Schools DPD was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 8 July 2015.  Inspector David Spencer BA(Hons) DipTP MRTPIT has been appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct an examination to determine whether the Planning for Schools DPD is sound.  The council have prepared a list of examination documents which can be viewed in the examination library.

Caroline Caldwell has been appointed as the programme officer for the examination.  If you have any queries about the examination, please contact her on:

Tel: (020) 8825 7944

Please note - The Planning for Schools DPD does not relate to specific planning applications. It seeks to establish the principle of education use on various sites, and includes proposed policies to assist in delivering the identified need for school places across the borough. It does not seek to deal with detailed proposals or planning applications on any of the identified sites, which would be part of a separate process and subject to their own publicity, consultation (with local residents, statutory bodies and other stakeholders) and detailed assessment. This distinction between the site allocation and planning application processes is also outlined in para 4.23 and at Appendix 1 (beneath each site map) of the DPD

Examination in Public (EiP) - Key dates and information 

8 July 2015 - The council submitted the Planning for Schools DPD to the Planning Inspectorate.
23 July 2015 - The Inspector sent the council his initial questions and observations (ED3)
31 July 2015 - The council submitted their first response to the Inspectors initial questions and observations (ED13)
10 August 2015 - The council undertook a pre-hearing consultation on the main modifications.  The consultation  ran for six weeks and ended on the 21 September 2015.
10 September 2015 - The council submitted their subsequent response (ED21) to the Inspector initial questions and observations.
25 September 2015 - The hearing programme, Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions and Guidance Note were published.
14 October 2015 - The council published their responses to the representations on the pre-hearing consultation on the main modifications.
22 October 2015 - The council (ED35-ED40) and the representors (ED41-ED46) submitted further statements
4 November 2015 - The hearing agendas were published. 
11-13 November 2015 - The Examination in Public (EiP) commenced at 10am in the Nelson Room at Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, Ealing W5 2BY.
4 December 2015 - The council went out for consultation on its further main modifications to the DPD.
2 March 2016 - The Inspector's report was published.