Complying with planning policy

Where to find relevant guidance on complying with planning policy

If you are preparing a major planning application or project you should consider the policies in the London Plan 2015 (available on the GLA website) and Ealing's adopted Local Plan and any planning guidance notes (SPG and SPD) that accompany the plan.

Certain development proposals may require developers to provide a travel plan as part of the planning application process. Further details on travel plans can be found in the council's Adopted Sustainable Transport for New Development SPD. Furthermore, the Adopted Sustainable Transport for New Development SPD requires applications for new school developments to have an approved school travel plan (STP). The council’s transport team have provided further guidance on the submission of school travel plans.

Ealing requires all applications for major developments to include an Energy Statement. This statement should demonstrate that the proposed development will meet the highest standards of sustainable design and construction throughout all stages of the development. This requirement is based on the policies of the London Plan 2011, the Mayor’s SPG on Sustainable Design and Construction and a range of national and local policies and guidance. A Sustainability Statement should also be submitted including the requirement to submit a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment for all residential dwellings and BREEAM Assessment for all non-residential developments.

Please be aware that the Energy Statement guidance is currently under revision but the information Ealing seeks from all energy assessments remain the same.  

As of 9 January 2013, Ealing Council requires all applicants/developers submitting major development proposals to undertake monitoring post-construction to demonstrate compliance with the energy policies of the Local Plan. To assist developers/applicants in satisfying this requirement, the council have procured a platform/mechanism in the form of an Automated Energy (& CO2) Monitoring Platform [AEMP]. A calculator is also provided to assist you in calculating the likely costs for the provision of this platform.

Developers and others interested in development should be aware of the requirements of the council’s statement of community involvement. This covers community involvement in all aspects of town planning, and indicates how developers can contribute to this process.

Guidance on submitting planning applications.