Submit your application online

Ealing Council works in partnership with the Planning Portal. If you are thinking of applying for planning permission for any development we recommend you submit your planning application to us electronically through the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal website allows you to complete an online application form, buy site location plans, attach drawings and make your application electronically.

Planning applications have to be made on the correct forms and you need to certify whether you are the sole owner of the property. If not you will have to serve a statement of ownership form to inform the other owners that you are making the application. In most cases a planning planning fee is required. Check planning fees via the Planning Portal.

You may also be required to submit a design and access statement.

All applications must include a location plan which clearly identifies the site. It must show the property with at least two adjoining properties and bordering roads. An ordnance survey map is satisfactory for this purpose.

An acknowledgement letter will be sent giving the telephone number of the relevant team dealing with the application. It should state a target date by which we hope to make a decision. If you appoint an agent to act on your behalf all correspondence will be sent to them.