Planning Services User Group

The Planning Services User Group is a group made up of regular users of Ealing planning services. It includes local residents' associations, conservation groups and other community/voluntary organisations with an interest in town planning matters. We particularly welcome developers and members of the local business community.

It is a chance to meet up with senior planning officers, at an informal evening forum, and is part of our on-going commitment to give excellent customer service to our customers. The group aims to encourage two-way communication between regular users and the planning services team. The format of the evening generally includes:

  • a brief update on current local and national planning issues
  • any forthcoming developments and consultations that may affect the local community
  • any planning service changes or improvements that may have taken place recently
  • an opportunity to give feedback on our services

The group meets 3-4 times year normally in Perceval House to Ealing Town Hall between 7pm and 9pm. One meeting would be held in different parts of the borough.

If you are a regular user of Ealing Planning Services, (twice a year or more) and are interested in joining the Planning Services User Group, please contact Donna Beuth at

If you do not wish to attend meetings, but would like to catch up on what has been discussed, you can read the agendas and minutes of the meetings below, together with any associated presentations. Also you can read email bulletins which will give you up to date information on all the latest news at Ealing planning services.

E Bulletin 2026

Meeting at Perceval House – 21 May 2015

The next scheduled meeting is on the 28 January 2016.  Details to follow.