How to report fly-tipping

Every time someone leaves waste on the street, dumped in an alley way, at the end of a road or outside a house, it is fly-tipping.

We want to stop this happening in your area and need your help. When you spot someone fly-tipping, report them.  

When reporting a fly-tipper, it is helpful to include as much information as possible. If you can take photographs of the fly-tipper (without putting yourself in danger), it will help. Do not in any circumstances keep any potential offender under surveillance.

If the evidence can be used by the council, you would need to give a witness statement. Without a witness statement, the council may not be able to take any enforcement action. You may have to attend court to give your evidence.

Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping on private land

Fly-tipping on private land (for example on the front/rear garden or land next to a property) is the responsibility of the owner or person who lives there and must be removed by them. The council will only take formal action if the fly-tipped site does not meet environmental standards or is a health hazard. This would be decided by a site visit. Owners may be served with a formal notice asking them to remove rubbish within 21 days.