Southall Sport England pilot scheme

Let's Go Southall

A group of organisations, including Ealing Council, the NHS, Southall Community Alliance, charities, voluntary groups and a variety of other service providers are working together on a new programme to help people in Southall to be more physically active.

Southall is one of 12 areas across the country, and one of only two towns in London, to have been chosen in December 2017 to take part in the Sport England programme, which is worth up to £100million nationally.

Why is it important?

If people are physically active they are more likely to stay fit and healthy for longer. Half of all women and a third of all men are thought to be damaging their health through inactivity. This has a major impact on communities, as well as costing the NHS and social services billions of pounds.

What is physical activity?

Let’s Go Southall isn’t just about getting people to play more sport; physical activity includes anything that raises your heart rate and makes you slightly out of breath. That can be  things like walking, using the stairs instead of the lift, gardening and doing heavy household chores as well as sports.

Why Southall?

Southall was put forward for the initiative because there is thought to be a higher proportion of people who are inactive. The town also has a strong identity, sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit which might help Let’s Go Southall to be successful.

Who is involved?

All sorts of organisations including Ealing Council, the NHS and other public services, leisure providers, sports clubs, housing associations, many community organisations, businesses, charities and faith groups are involved in Let’s Go Southall.

What does it mean for Southall?

Let’s Go Southall is not about simply providing new facilities or services. It is about many organisations working in partnership with local residents to understand why some people are inactive and what might be done to help them to change. 

The team will try to make lasting improvements, so that when the programme ends, people continue to be more active.

What happens next?

Southall was selected for the programme in December 2017 and since then the organisations involved have been getting ready to start work. The Let’s Go Southall team has now received the grant from Sport England (June 2018) and the programme will begin with research and community engagement taking place over the summer months.

The team will be going along to the London Mela in Southall on Sunday, 19 August to talk to people about how active they are, what might encourage them to be more active and how they can get involved.

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