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Ealing needs your support

Ealing is bidding to become the first London Borough of Culture, and we need your support.

Inspired by the UK City and European Capital of Culture Programmes, the competition, launched by the Mayor of London, will enable us to make a difference and help us achieve our ambitions for a prosperous, healthier, safer, cleaner, fairer and accessible borough. 

Since the competition was launched, Ealing Arts Forum representing local arts groups, venues and communities, have been key in discussing and developing ideas. In the run up to the bid is submission date, these ideas will be shaped into a clear plan for how Ealing would use the prize money to showcase the arts in Ealing to leave a lasting legacy for the future of culture in the borough.

Winning would bring a once-in-a-lifetime cultural programme of events and help us build upon our proud traditions of creativity and art, to make our borough a better place.

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We want you to back the bid and help us shine a light on a unique borough of London which has culture on every corner. Help make this happen, and back the bid today.

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What is the London Borough of Culture?

The London Borough of Culture is a new competition for the 32 London boroughs to apply for funding to lead a game-changing cultural programme. In February 2018 two winning boroughs will be named London Borough of Culture, one for 2019 and one for 2020. Inspired by the UK City and European Capital of Culture programmes, London Borough of Culture will put culture at the heart of the community, celebrating the unique and distinctive creativity, character and diversity of London’s people and places. Find out more about London Borough of Culture.

Who will decide who wins, and when will we know?

The final decision will the Mayor of London’s but all bids will be evaluated by a panel of experts using a clear system laid out by the Mayor’s office. They will evaluate the bids in terms of the outcomes we hope to achieve, and our ability to deliver the programme. Bids have to be in by 1 December and a decision is expected in February 2018.

Who is running Ealing’s bid?

Only London boroughs can apply, so the council is the official bidder. A steering group has been set up with representation from arts organisations, businesses, and the council. We also plan to have a number of ambassadors who are supporting the bid and will be involved in helping us ensure we involve as many local people and as many different communities as possible.

Can anyone take part?

We want everyone to be involved, whether it is through organising your own project in your community, attending events or volunteering. We are also keen to ensure that all communities in the borough have the opportunity to take part. Sign up here to make sure you get the latest information about funding for individual projects.

Contact Us

To find out more or to join Ealing Arts Forum contact culture@ealing.gov.uk.