Holding an event

Events requiring a licence

Your event may require an additional licence if it includes particular activities, known as ‘licensable activities’ e.g. sale or supply of alcohol. The two most frequently required licences are:

  • Premises licence
    A time limited premises licence will be required for an event where you anticipate an audience of 500 people or more for entertainment that includes licensable activities. It will take a a minimum of three months to get a premises licence. It is therefore essential that you contact the festivals and events team at least four months before you intend to hold an event.
  • Temporary event notice (TEN)
    A TEN is required for an event that includes licensable activities for an audience of fewer than 500. You will need to contact the festival and events team at least eight weeks before you intend to hold one of these smaller events.

Please note: Being granted a licence or permission to hold an event does not mean that you are guaranteed to be granted the other.

These licences are covered by the Licensing Act. For more information on this and what constitutes as licensable activities visit the GOV.UK website.