Big London Energy Switch

Want to save money on your energy bills?

Ealing Council is now running its 23rd Switch and Save scheme to help residents get a better deal on their energy bills. We are very excited, as this will be second auction where suppliers will only bid with 100% renewable electricity tariffs. The next launch will be on 13 April 2021.

The Big London Energy Switch (BLES) scheme, run by the council’s partner iChoosr, brings people together to use their collective buying power and secure better deals on fuel bills. The scheme takes the hassle out of searching for a cheaper fuel supplier. Registering your interest is simple and there is no obligation to switch.

The next auction will take place on 18 May 2021 where energy suppliers will compete against each other to offer people the cheapest tariffs available. Everyone who registers will be contacted with a personal offer and they can decide whether to switch or stay with their current energy supplier and tariff.

Registration is now open

Ealing residents can sign up until Monday, 17 May 2021.