Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour - further information

Ealing Council is signed up to the government’s Respect Standard for Housing Management. This means we are proactively tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB). This requires us to demonstrate:

  • Accountability, leadership and commitment
  • Empowerment and reassurance for residents
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Tailored services for residents and provision of support for victims and witnesses
  • Protecting communities through swift enforcement
  • Support to tackle the causes of ASB.

All residents should conduct themselves in keeping with the conditions of the tenancy agreement or lease. You are responsible for the behaviour of anyone who lives at or visits the property. We treat breaches of the tenancy/lease agreement by others as your breach.

We use a number of remedies to prevent ASB

  • Antisocial Behaviour Injunction (ASBI). We will collect evidence to obtain injunctions against anyone found to be perpetrating ASB.
  • Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO). We will work closely with our partner agencies to obtain ASBOs against prolific offenders of ASB.
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC). This is a voluntary written agreement where the perpetrator of ASB agrees not to be involved with certain specified ASB activities.
  • Crack House Closure. We will always share information with the police and support their application for a Closure Order where evidence of drug activity is present.
  • Premises Closure Order. We will work closely with the Police and the community and apply for a closure order where a property is associated with persistent disorder or nuisance.
  • Threats against staff. We will always take legal action against anyone responsible for abuse against staff, including verbal and racial abuse directed towards contractors.
  • For serious breach of tenancy we will consider possession proceedings that may result in the loss of your home without the possibility of re-housing.
  • Mediation. This is a way of helping neighbours in dispute to resolve their problems with the help of a neutral third party.

Please report all incidents of ASB to our dedicated team. This will help us take action against those that perpetrate ASB on your estate. You can do this anonymously by calling 020 8825 5994

If you would like to find out more about antisocial behaviour, including racial harassment, domestic violence, harassment, threats and intimidation, mediation, diversionary schemes and ASB policy/procedure, please call the above number or visit our website and search for "community safety".

Timescales for dealing with ASB

Category A

Including domestic violence, racial harassment, hate crime, drug dealing and unprovoked assault.

We will aim to interview you within 24 hours of your report and conduct our investigation within nine working days where possible.

Category B

Including threatening or abusive behaviour, serious vandalism, damage to property and amplified music.

We will aim to interview you within three working days of your report and conduct our investigation within 12 working days where possible.

Category C

Including domestic noise, pets, youths congregating and fly tipping.

We will aim to interview you within five working days of your report and conduct our investigation within 15 working days where possible.

Useful telephone numbers

Ealing Council: 020 8825 5000 (all enquiries)

Local Police: 101 (for non-emergencies)

Noise nuisance:

  • 020 8825 8111 (weekdays 8.30am–midnight)


    020 8825 5000 (Friday 11.00pm– Sunday 4.00am)