Anti-social behaviour

Racial harassment and hate crime

Ealing Council is committed to fighting racial harassment on its estates and will take every possible step to prevent it. We do this by taking the strongest legal action, including injunctions and eviction. In Ealing, families have been evicted for racially harassing their neighbours.

If you are being racially harassed:

  • Contact the community safety team
  • Contact the police
  • Try to keep a diary of events. This is important as it will help as a witness or log of events, and may be used in court as evidence
  • Contact one of the voluntary groups.

How the community safety team can help

  • They will be able to give you comprehensive advice.
  • In certain circumstances they can arrange to transfer you to a safe place.
  • They know local organisations that will able to provide you with practical support and assistance.
  • In some cases they will arrange extra security for your home, for example, fireproof letter boxes.
  • If the person causing the harassment is an Ealing Council tenant they can take legal action for breaking the rules of the Tenancy Agreement (pdf), which can lead to eviction.

The community safety team will be able to help in the following ways, but only with your consent

  • We will contact other organisations, for example, the Monitoring Group and Ealing Race Equality Council, who will also be able to help you.
  • If you want us to, we will contact the police to ask them to take your case seriously and respond quickly when you contact them.
  • We will take every possible step to identify those responsible and take legal action to prevent them from harassing you in the future. To do this we will need to take statements from you and any witnesses.
  • If you are in any danger we will find you a safe place to stay or move you away from the area.