Mental health

Mental health issues can be temporary or long-term. Sometimes they are a result of trauma or major life events, but for many people living in our community, they are life-long challenges. They can range from temporary bouts of sadness, depression and anxiety, to complex mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder or psychosis, or life changing illnesses like Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.

If you are concerned about your mental health, talk to your doctor or GP. Their knowledge of your personal medical history and how you feel now will give them the information needed to make a referral to specialist services, advise you about treatment options and signpost you to local mental health services.

If you are worried about a friend or member of the family, or someone you are looking after as a carer, encourage them to speak to their doctor or GP.

Ealing's West London NHS Mental Health Trust also has a 24/7 mental health hotline available for patients, families and mental health professionals. This free service can help with mental health referrals, give advice and crisis support.

You can reach the mental health services helpline on: 0300 1234 244

If your concerns need emergency or medical attention, dial 999.